Volcano Special Edition Gold Version


This Special Edition Gold Volcano is prestigious, luxurious, and sophisticated and will definitely make for an excellent eye catcher in any setting. Functionality and vapor quality are identical to the Classic, but with a head-turning 24k gold finish.

The iconic Volcano is truly the ultimate vapor experience. The Volcano Classic features simple yet precise temperature control with a range of 130C to 226C (266F to 446F) and delivers some of the most accurate temperatures to your herbs with an accuracy of within 5 degrees Celsius (9F). The 100 watt convection heating source combined with a large aluminum heat exchanger provides a quick heat up time and ensures a constant temperature during vaporization.

Included with the Volcano is the Easy Valve Set which is a highly superior system for everyday usability contributing to the process being incredibly easy to assemble, load, heat and use in just minutes. The full convection heating process fills the balloon with vapor, which can then be taken off the device and stored for about 8 hours.

The Volcano’s iconic balloon and valve system ensures that no vapor or hot air is lost making it one of the most efficient vaporizers in the world. Storz and Bickel went out of their way to make sure the Volcano is simple to use and nearly error proof. Its precise temperature settings make it impossible to combust your herbs, and has the ability to stay on for long periods of extended use.

With German engineering, the Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most advanced, high-quality, easy to use, efficient desktop vaporizers on the market and is a great choice for both beginner and enthusiast alike.


Includes: 5 Easy Valve balloons with mouthpieces and adaptor, filling chamber, 3 filling chamber clips, cap ring, 6 screens, air filter set, 2pc herb grinder, cleaning brush and instruction manual.

• Special Edition 24k gold plated
• Stainless steel chamber
• Temp range of 130C to 226C (266F to 446F)
• Forced air vaporizer
• Manual temperature control
• 110V AC adapter
• Food grade balloons
• Compatible with dry herb and concentrates
• Removable filter
• 3 year manufacturer warranty