Stündenglass Gravity Pipe V2


The Stundenglass Gravity Pipe combines cutting-edge design and advanced technology to deliver the world’s first gravity-powered, contactless water pipe. Featuring an innovative 360-degree gravity system, the water pipe utilizes kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing airflow technology to produce clean and flavourful draws. Each draw is hydrated and forced-air delivered, providing a truly hands-off experience.

This unique design does not run on a battery or motor, just a simple 180-degree rotation that uses gravity to light your herb. Once you fill the chamber with smoke, rotate 180-degrees again for a smooth flow of smoke that pours out the adjustable mouthpiece or 3-foot silicone hose attachment. The potency and strength of your draw depends on how far you decide to flip the unit over, using gravity to control the ignition of the herb and output of smoke. The versatile design allows you to take as little or as much smoke as you want and effectively eliminates the need for your lips to contact the mouthpiece, making contactless sharing with friends easy.

This new Version 2 Stundenglass features a redesigned metal frame with a single-arm allowing for better access to the mouthpiece and the globes while spinning them around. The updated model also features a noticeably larger joint connection for added stability and a bigger 14mm bowl piece for sizeable amounts of your dry herb.

The Gravity Pipe was built with durability in mind, made with anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, high-grade stainless steel and high quality Teflon seals. It will arrive completely ready to go and will last a lifetime.

Backed by an extended 10 year warranty (must register device at, the Stundenglass Gravity Pipe comes packaged in a reusable craft box with a handle, allowing for safe storage and transportation. Super durable and superb in function, the Gravity Pipe stands alone at the pinnacle of smoking and vaporization devices.

Check out the videos below for a detailed look at the Gravity Pipe in action.

• Contactless Water Pipe
• Accommodates dry herb, concentrates and hookah
• 360-degree gravity system
• Forced air delivery
• Aircraft-grade anodized metal construction
• Interchangeable mouthpieces
• 14mm male-to-male adapter
• Interchangeable mouthpieces
• Removable, dishwasher safe globes
• Compatible with any 14mm concentrate device including the G Pen Connect
• Reusable packaging with handle for transport and storage
• 10 year warranty

Includes: Metal stand, borosilicate glass globes, male-to-male bowl adapter, flower bowl, hookah bowl and wand, coal tray, 3-foot hose, carrying case and cleaning kit.

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