Revelry Stowaway Smell Proof Bag


The unique Stowaway bag features a carbon filter system and rubber-backed exterior which provides a secure and odorless way of storing and transporting your herb along with all of your travel essentials. By using odor-absorbing charcoal and two synthetic filters, smells never escape.

Equipped with an external zippered pocket and an inner divider, organization is made easy. A waterproof zipper along with heavier padding will ensure your contents are kept safe in this durably built bag.

In order to keep your bag smelling as good as new, simply place it in a dryer for a few minutes to release all absorbed odors.

• Smell proof and water resistant
• Carbon filter system
• Rubber-backed exterior
• Custom protective lining
• Waterproof zipper
• Inner divider
• External zippered pocket
• Padded
• Lockable
• Genuine leather accents
• Metal hardware
• Dimensions: 11” x 6” x 5”

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