Keith Haring Glass Taster


Legendary artist Keith Haring’s iconic imagery is tastefully adorned on this beautifully designed flare-style Taster.

Made from borosilicate glass, the Taster has a large bowl capacity and a built-in ash catcher that provide smooth and easy draws.

Haring’s vibrant artwork is wrapped around the Taster with heat-resistant material. There are 4 color’s and designs to choose from and each piece is finished with the iconic K. Haring logo.

The Taster comes complete in collectable packaging that is adorned with Haring’s signature and artistry.

• Iconic Keith Haring artwork
• Hand-applied, heat-resistant designs
• Borosilicate glass
• Built-in ash catcher
• Large bowl capacity
• Flare-style Taster
• 3.3” L x 0.6” W x 0.6” D

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