Herbiture X Pure Pipes “The Manhattan”


This is the best wood pipe you will ever smoke out of! The luxury smoking experience created by the “Manhattan” will reveal a unique taste to the cannabis of your choice. Each pipe is handcrafted by a German pipe making artisan, carved from high quality olive wood that can be up to one thousand years old. With a deep bowl, the drawing resistance and volume of the chamber were designed with the demands of the daily consumer in mind. With the distinctive wood grain and sophisticated lines, a timeless look is offered up that will last decades.

• 100% hand made
• All natural olive wood, washed and polished – no varnish
• Acrylic mouthpiece
• Each piece is unique
• Length: 5 3/8” Width: 1”
• Bowl chamber: 1/2” wide x 1/2” deep

Includes: Protective pouch, pipe tool, Bioflame natural hemp lighter, 3 filters, screen and spacer’s.