Herbiture X Apothecarry Luxury Humidor Case


This positively gorgeous case is a complete organizational system designed specifically to meet the needs of the refined smoker. Each case is carefully handcrafted from premium Alderwood and stained one by one creating a strong, durable and odor resistant home to keep your products fresh, arranged and secure.

Inside the case, the layout within consists of two separate sections with carved out slots and elastic straps for optimal organization. On one side you will find four airtight jars specially designed to regulate humidity in the jars to a perfect 62% with the included Boveda humidity packets, as well as re-writable labels for strain names. There are also four food grade silicone dab containers and designated straps to keep oil cartridges upright. On the other side you will find a complete accessory line-up consisting of a four piece grinder, gold rolling tray, stainless steel dab stick, cigar-size pre-roll holder and a side nook with lid to store your tools and papers.

Complete with gold hinges and hardware, gold faux leather lined interior and a secure key and combination lock, this elegant beauty is the ultimate storage solution for your curated collection. Dimensions: 14 1/4” x 10 1/4” x 5 1/4”


• 4 glass jars with humidity control lids and re-writable labels
• 8 humidity control packets
• 4 dab containers with silicone non-stick coating for holding dabs or oils
• Elastic straps for securing oil canisters or vape cartridges upright
• Removable rolling tray with cut-out for grinder or jar placement
• High quality zinc alloy 4-piece grinder
• Stainless steel dab stick
• Cigar size pre-roll holder
• Removable side nook with lid