Why Herbiture Supports Craft Cannabis

The industry has undergone a massive transformation since the Canadian Cannabis Act passed in 2018.

While the regulations allow for micro-cultivation and micro-processing licenses, small cannabis businesses struggle in a market dominated by big corporations.

Let’s take a look at the top six reasons why Herbiture supports craft cannabis and why you should, too.

Craft Cannabis Brands Support Local Communities

Craft cannabis brands reinvest their earnings in their local communities. Because they care about the local environment, craft growers are more likely to adopt organic and other sustainable farming and manufacturing practices. Additionally, smaller cannabis businesses create jobs for local workers.

Craft Cannabis Brands Make Better Products.

Craft growers and manufacturers can prioritize quality over quantity. Large corporations are likely to be more concerned about the bottom line than giving customers the highest quality products available.

Craft brands take pride in offering their customers the finest cannabis products money can buy. Legacy growers love to experiment with a variety of strains and offer their customers a wider selection of hybrids. A more extensive array of choices is especially important for people who consume cannabis for medical reasons.

Craft Cannabis Opportunities Encourage Small Growers to Enter the Legal Market

The Canadian government requires small growers and manufacturers to follow many of the same ​guidelines​ as giant corporations. Unfortunately, this means that craft cannabis companies face start-up costs of around ​$1.5 million​. The enormous cost of legalizing their businesses keeps many traditional growers on the black market.

Legalizing black market cannabis results in more tax revenue and much-needed lab-testing of small cannabis crops.

Craft Cannabis Encourages Consumers to Buy Legally

Despite the legalization of adult recreational sales, an ​estimated 41%​ of cannabis consumers still buy from black market sources. Customers are unlikely to switch from buying from a trusted local dealer to purchasing from the government or a megacorporation.

Big cannabis corporations may fool new consumers, but seasoned cannasseurs are unlikely to buy mediocre products sold at higher prices. Enabling craft cannabis businesses is the solution, and as we’ve mentioned before, legal craft cannabis businesses enhance local economies.

Craft Cannabis Creates New Opportunities

Cannabis prohibition has disproportionately harmed low-income earners. In Canada, cannabis growers and senior staff members must pass criminal record checks to be approved for a license. Unfortunately, many would-be legal craft business owners are forced to stay on the black market due to previous cannabis convictions. It’s only fair that the people who took great risks to provide cannabis during prohibition should have a stake in the legal market.

Craft Cannabis Business Owners are More Knowledgeable

Many craft business owners have worked with the cannabis plant for decades before nationwide legalization. Traditional growers are passionate about the plant and maintain a profound belief in the value of cannabis in society. In contrast, big corporations tend to get into the cannabis business strictly for profit, and many players don’t know their terpenes from their flavonoids.

Now, you have a better idea of why Herbiture proudly supports craft cannabis businesses. We hope you will join us and support your local micro-growers, manufacturers, and artisans. The ​Craft Cannabis Association of BC​ website outlines several ways you can stand up for smaller cannabis businesses. Together, we can ensure that craft cannabis is awarded its rightful position in the Canadian cannabis industry.

By George Mouratidis