Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

From high-tech designs to one-of-a-kind art pieces, luxury accessories provide the ultimate cannabis smoking experience.

Artisanal Pipes and Designer Bongs

You wouldn’t dream of drinking a rare bottle of wine from paper cups, so why would you smoke finely-crafted cannabis flowers from a ratty old pipe? Artisanal pipes expertly combine both form and function to offer you supreme flavor and style.

Herbiture and Pure Pipes blend meticulous, German engineering with old-world craftsmanship. Handcarved of ancient olive wood, the Manhattan may quite possibly be the best wooden pipe ever made. The Brooklyn offers the same unique features in a super-portable chillum style.

Marley Natural’s smokeware and accessories have that executive feel. The company’s high-end line of glass pipes include:

  • An exquisite, hand-blown borosilicate glass bong with sustainably-sourced black walnut base, shaft, and accents.
  • A borosilicate glass and walnut bubbler which functions as a hybrid water bong and dry pipe.
  • A custom-designed spoon pipe with a removable stem and cup, making it ideal for traveling.

We also carry a cutting-edge Keith Haring water pipe featuring some of the artist’s most iconic images. The piece dazzles the senses with hand-applied artwork and includes practical features such as a built-in ash-catcher, ice notches, and a seven-slit showerhead percolator.

Top-Shelf Storage Solutions

You can have the most trichome-dense herb in the world, but it will soon taste like bottom shelf bud if you don’t store it correctly. Proper storage preserves terpenes and provides maximum flavor and fragrance. The best storage containers are designed to keep cannabis fresh and potent for months or even years. Glass canning jars are an excellent budget option, but to keep your smokables ultra-fresh, you’ll have to look to the experts.

Prepara’s Evak glass containers take cannabis storage to the next level with heavy-duty borosilicate glass, stainless steel lids, and silicone components. Plus, you can’t beat Evak’s innovative twin-valve system for airtight sealing.

Herbiture and Apothecarry’s Luxury Humidor Case is a must for serious herb connoisseurs. Our artisans handcraft every case from premium Alderwood and stain each one individually. Inside, you’ll find custom compartments for all your favorite craft cannabis, concentrates, and tools.

We complete the design with gold hinges, accents, and a faux leather interior. We’ve included all the containers and tools you’ll need for a world-class cannabis apothecarry. And just to guild the lily, we’ve added a deluxe grinder. Anyone who has ever struggled with a cheap plastic model will tell you how essential a high-quality grinder is for creating superior joints, bowls, and blunts.

Premium Rolling Papers

Rolling papers can make or break a joint, even if your using high-grade cannabis. Premium rolling papers make for better-tasting joints deserving of your carefully curated herb collection.

Shine’s 24-karat Gold rolling papers make the perfect complement to fine craft cannabis. Pair them with Marley Natural’s Crystal Ashtray for a sophisticated smoking experience that will make you the envy of your inner circle of tokers.

If you’re more the type that doesn’t want anything to come between you and your artisanal cannabis, you’ll love Herbiture’s Premium Rolling Papers. Rolling joints with our ultra-thin, organic rice paper is like wrapping your buds in a cloud. Add Marley’s elegant pre-roll holder, and you’ll feel like a Hollywood movie star.

Why not give yourself and your craft cannabis the treatment you deserve with deluxe luxury accessories?

By George Mouratidis