Best Ways to Store Your Cannabis for Optimal Freshness

With the vast amount of time, energy and money that you likely put into finding and purchasing your favourite weed strain, it is of utmost importance to store it properly to maintain its freshness.

Storing your cannabis correctly is a crucial part of its longevity. If not kept properly, the buds quickly become dry, lose their flavour and potency drops substantially, all resulting in a very unfulfilling smoke. Even worse, if too much humidity is introduced, mold and mildew growth can occur which is very harmful to your health.

Let’s explore the importance of storing cannabis in the right containers, the best ways to do so, as well as what you should avoid doing.

The first thing to consider is the environment in which you will be keeping your product. Cool, dark and dry are the three must haves that will be essential to preserving those precious trichomes and terpenes that supply you with so much health, wellness and enjoyment. Proper temperature, level of humidity and even light all play a part in the degradation of cannabis. By maintaining them, cannabis can can stay fresh for many months.

The absolute best option for keeping cannabis fresh is a glass container with an airtight lid. Glass will not affect the taste like metal containers tend to and if you have an airtight seal, your weed will be protected from oxidization as well as keep the strong odors trapped inside. There are also glass containers available that have a vacuum seal lid. These containers force out the air inside providing optimal conditions which will keep the quality of its contents at their best. The money for these glass containers is well worth it. It is important to remember when using glass containers to store them in a dark place for optimal freshness.

Another excellent option is using a cannabis humidor. Humidors regulate temperature and humidity as well as provide a safe and dark home for your weed. Maintaining proper humidity levels will ensure your buds don’t dry out and therefor keep their flavour profile intact for longer periods of time. Many humidors come equipped with a locking option for added security and look great sitting out in your home.

The use of plastic containers and baggies are a poor choice. Flavour and quality are degraded quickly in plastic bags as they don’t seal airtight, as well plastic usually produces static which pulls those wonderful trichomes off of the bud and they then stick to the side of the bag, quickly robbing you of all that goodness. More concerning yet, over time the chemicals used to produce the plastic container can leach into the buds which would be very undesirable for obvious reasons.

A common misconception is that freezing your weed will keep it fresh but this is untrue. Doing so will result in less flavour, less potency and super dried out buds that will make you hack and cough when smoking. Never freeze cannabis.

By putting the effort in to be sure that the storage of your cannabis is proper, you will ensure that the potency and flavour remain at their best, keeping each and every smoke session at its most enjoyable.