Benefits of Yoga and Cannabis

In today’s society, with the ever increasing amount of stress and anxiety that seems to come at us from all directions, many of us are looking for ways to improve our health and mental balance for all around better wellness. One such practice is yoga which has proven it’s worth for centuries and continues to grow in popularity. Another is cannabis, which also has a very long history of human use, especially so in recent years. So could the secret wellness formula we all look for be found in combining yoga with cannabis?

Yoga has been around for centuries and proven to be very beneficial for both physical and mental health. On the other hand, cannabis, even with its long standing use for health reasons, has only recently become legal in Canada and some states but is already known to provide relief from anxiety and chronic pain with little to no side effects when compared with traditional medicine.

The ultimate goal of yoga is physical, mental and emotional improvement, so with combining cannabis into your practice, there may be an overall gain. Let’s explore how these two practices can benefit you as well as provide helpful tips on how they work together best.


Yoga is known as an incredible physical and mental workout while also calming our minds through its focus on breathing exercises and meditation. Similarly, marijuana can offer soothing effects, allowing the mind to relax, which in turn signals the body to relax as well. By combining the two, you are enhancing the effects of both. The result is a heightened sense of awareness that can lead to a better connection with your body.


Helping you concentrate on your poses – Yoga with cannabis can be a relaxed, mindful experience. As opposed to the fast-paced power style yoga’s that are often seen in gyms today and defined by their constant “flow” from one pose into another without much rest or transition time, focusing more on your breathing and how you are positioning yourself during poses is key so you are able to take better advantage of the mental benefits of the practice. In turn, your body develops a better understanding on how to gauge what works best within itself.


Boosts quality of life – The many benefits that yoga and cannabis provide on an individual basis make for a lengthy list.

By combining the two and therefore enhancing those benefits, you can experience a vast improvement in your quality of life. Increased range of motion, better sleep, pain reduction, improved mental focus, increased circulation all come together to help keep your body and mind healthy and strong.


Deeper and More Intense Meditation – If you’re looking for a way to meditate more deeply and for longer periods of time, cannabis might be the answer.

Research has shown that this natural plant can lead not only an improved quality of life but also brain benefits such as lowering risk factors in heart attack or stroke victims. Allowing the cannabis to help deliver you into a deep meditative state will surely promote those benefits allowing your health to thrive.


Picking the right strains – There are many different types of cannabis, but if you want a strain that specifically benefits your yoga practice, then it is best to go with an Indica.

Indica’s are generally more relaxing and will help put you in the mental state desired to match with your yoga practice. They work wonderfully for keeping a calm, balanced mind as well as providing pain relief.

If you’re feeling like your yoga practice is lacking and would like to find a new way to get the focus and sense of self-awareness that many yogis seek, try adding cannabis into your routine. Cannabis has been shown to offer deep mental clarity, physical relaxation and spiritual insight – all things that are desired from a regular yoga practice. However, it’s important to note that this may not be for everyone as some people might experience increased anxiety or paranoia when combining these two practices together. It is best to start slow. Regardless, there are plenty who have found huge benefits in using marijuana alongside their yoga routines so trying it out for yourself may be just the thing that your mind and body need to navigate this crazy world we live in. Namaste!