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Our Story

Herbiture is a cannabis lifestyle boutique offering designer accessories to create an upscale smoking experience.

Curators of Cannabis Lifestyle Design

Created over more than a few smoking sessions of fine craft cannabis, a desire and passion was fuelled to discover and bring products to the market that are timeless in both style and quality.

At Herbiture, we want to offer the cannabis connoisseur smoking accessories that seamlessly fit in to their high functioning, stylish and professional lifestyle.

You won’t find any run of the mill junk here, as Herbiture’s upscale and inclusive atmosphere brings forth only classic pieces that live beyond fast trends.


At Herbiture, we live for the ritual, and with cannabis offering an all natural creative fuel that provides relaxation at the same time cultivating health, wellness and balance, it’s a ritual that has morphed into a lifestyle.

We are proud to work with people making exceptionally crafted pieces with every detail thoughtfully considered and purposeful. The quality and craftsmanship will last a lifetime. These are accessories that you will be proud to display.

Life. Style.

Herbiture is more than a brand, it’s a statement! Make a statement, become a Herbiture. Being a Herbiture is using cannabis for a healthy lifestyle. It’s appreciating nice things. It’s supporting local craft growers. It’s a way of LIFE. And it’s doing it with STYLE.

It is our pleasure to welcome you into our boutique.